Author Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in contributing to Australian Organisation for Quality’s flagship publication, Quality Business®.

AOQ welcomes articles from Members and other Quality practitioners. With the intellectual development and reading enjoyment of our subscribers foremost in our mind, we seek original articles that are targeted to the Purpose, Mission and Vision of the Australian Organisation for Quality.

The 2021 deadlines for authors to submit manuscripts are:

  • QB 2021/1 18 February) – deadline 18 January
  • QB 2021/2 (due to be published by 13 May) – deadline 12 April
  • QB 2021/3 (due to be published by 12 August) –  deadline 12 July
  • QB 2021/4 (World Quality Day Theme issue, due to be published by 10 November for WQD on 11 November  – deadline 1 October

In order to create the best experience possible for our readers, the following guidelines are provided to assist you.

Our articles are not for commerce.

If you wish to promote a product or service, there are advertising opportunities in Quality Business®. Articles that contain contact details, gratuitous promotion or product endorsements will be returned for amendment or rejected. 

Please note that AOQ does not pay authors for articles.


Articles provided to Quality Business® must be the author’s own work, and if it has been previously published, this must be disclosed at the time of submission. Preference will be given to articles that have not been published elsewhere. It is essential that you provide the original source so that we can reference it.

Once published by Quality Business®, allow 2 weeks before republishing on your blog or website. Mention that in your republished version “this article first appeared in AOQ Quality Business®” and include a link back to the AOQ site.


All content for your article to be in ONE document, with the only formatting being in the form of headings, subheadings and paragraphs. The Editor at his discretion will format your article to suit the requirements of Quality Business®. The following word counts are for your guidance:

  • 400–600; for a single page
  • 800–1200; for two-page stories
  • 1500–2000; for three-page stories


  • Note that we will consider longer academic articles, but our preference is the above. A word count in the title would also be helpful.
  • Provide a 25–30 word teaser to attract the reader’s interest. Emphasise the key word that is the focus of your article.
  • Include your own small bio of 15–30 words and an author photo.
  • Provide your contact details.


Note: Preferred format of photos: JPEG or TIFF – included as separate files, NOT in the article.

Author photo

  • If the author is a presenter at an AOQ event, the Editor may include some detail about this.
  • Please name your author photo file in the form. Depending on your country of origin, this can be confusing otherwise.
  • Ensure that the photo is a high quality photo, with minimum requirements being 300dpi, 512×512 pixels (a minimum of 50KB+).

Article graphics

  • Graphics and photos to be used in articles must be hi-res in PDF or JPG format. PowerPoint files are acceptable if you are unable to create the necessary quality yourself.


When your article is accepted for publication, you own the copyright. You acknowledge that Quality Business® magazine has permission to publish the article in whole or part in any or all of our media platforms. Note that your article will be edited prior to publication.

Send to

When you have prepared your article with the necessary supplementary information, assemble everything together in one place. Ensure you’ve included:

  • The written article as a single text file. Remember to include in this file:
    • A word count in the title.
    • A 25–30 word teaser to attract the reader’s interest.
    • A small bio of 15–30 words.
    • Your contact details.
  • Each graphic as a separate file, named to the position in the article in the form.
  • Your author photo, named in the form .

Send to the Quality Business Editor via the form below. Please note that zip files are NOT accepted, but you can add multiple files by clicking the Choose File button multiple times and choosing a different file each time.