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World Quality Day 2019 - Celebrating Our Commitment to Quality

AOQ continues to demonstrate its commitment to Quality and is proud to support World Quality Day. This informal gathering was an opportunity to meet and network with other quality professionals. 

On this day we celebrated our passion, dedication and fortitude to providing trusted products and services and in the process empowering organisations and Australia to succeed. It was a fantastic opportunity for us to meet and reflect on the year we’ve had and to celebrate our profession and our achievements.

Management Innovation and Quality Management

Presented by Dr Matthew Rathinam. What is Management Innovation? Can Management Innovation Influence a Paradigm Shift to QMS?

Management innovation has recently emerged in contemporary scholarship as a new type of innovation. Management innovation is the invention and implementation of management principles, philosophies that are new to the state of the art and help achieve organisational goals and make significant transformation. Management innovation is not new but understanding of management innovation is new. Will the understanding of management innovation influence paradigm shift to quality management?

Disruption, agile thinking and emergent culture – what are the implications for management systems?

Viewing the cultural norms of decision making and the impact of organisational nostalgia on the ability of organisations to react in an agile and responsive way to disruption and rapid change (particularly in technology). Considering the responses required by management systems to help create the mental models necessary for the changed paradigm, and how to support industry through the change”

So what does disruption, agile thinking and emergent culture have to do with management systems?

Andrew Tankard presented a short piece on the relationship between our management systems and rapid change and how quality professionals can begin to prepare themselves and their organisations through their systems.

Learn how to sustain success – organisational maturity and ISO 9004: 2018

ISO 9004 “Quality of an organization — Guidance to achieve sustained success” has undergone a detailed revision with expert participation from Standards Australia. The Sydney Café Quality session presented by Mike McLean was timely as Standards Australia and ISO have a number of publications for release that are Process-based. The ISO 9004 self-assessment briefing provided linkages to strategy, leadership, benchmarking, business and supplier excellence assessments using risk-based thinking to continually improve business processes, to meet interested parties needs and expectations.