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AOQ Special Interest Groups

At AOQ we are excited to introduce Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Each Group will have a specific focus and will be facilitated by an AOQ member/s who is equally as passionate about the topic as you are. New Groups may be added at any time depending on the needs of our members.

If you are keen to get involved in one of the Groups below, complete the information at the bottom of the page and we'll be in contact. If you'd be keen to join another Group that is not yet listed let us know by selecting 'Other' and noting the topic that you are interested in.

Laboratory Special Interest Group SIG

The Laboratory Special Interest Group brings together AOQ Members from laboratories from across Australia to learn from each other on matters to do with quality and laboratory accreditation. We provide a place where laboratory quality managers can openly share issues they are facing with respect to quality and accreditation and provide a setting for professional development of laboratory quality professionals through formal learning seminars with experts in various aspects of quality.

This Special Interest Group is facilitated by two laboratory quality professionals and fellow AOQ members, Maree Stuart and Cathy O'Dwyer. 

Performance Improvement Special Interest Group SIG

The Performance Improvement Special Interest Group brings together AOQ Members from any location to share new technologies and techniques, best practice/lessons learnt (PDCA) and jointly resolve challenges in the areas of Optimisation, Digitisation and New Technology to achieve continuous improvement. This also includes developments in regulation and standards.

We aim to provide an opportunity where quality professionals can share and enhance their knowledge in the area of performance improvement that can be applied to their own projects or workplace.

This Special Interest Group is facilitated by AOQ member, Suresh Prabhakaran.

Quality to Excellence Special Interest Group SIG

The Quality to Excellence Special Interest Group brings together AOQ Members from across Australia to explore how management systems can be used by organisations in conjunction with excellence models. We provide a place where quality, excellence and improvement professionals can collaborate to explore this topic and openly share issues they are facing with respect to leveraging diverse management systems, improvement methodologies and excellence models. The SIG aims to provide a setting for professional development and will act as a think tank to further develop global thinking in this field.

This Special Interest Group is facilitated by AOQ members, Ravi Fernando, Maree Stuart and Jackie Stone. 


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Laboratory SIG - Lab Reporting 101 for Quality Professionals

Date Tuesday 1st December  
Time 2pm - 3pm AEDT 
Venue Online Zoom Meeting 
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Lab reports are the tangible product of lab processes. But despite the long list of information that needs to be reported, does this make them valuable to the customers and other readers of these documents?

There is quite the laundry list of matters to be reported in the management systems standards for labs. What is actually required and does this create value to the readers of lab reports? Sonja McFarlane will cover what is required in ISO 17025 and what recipients of lab reports need to look out for. Off the back of World Quality Day and its theme of Creating Customer Value, we’ll also consider how we can deliver customer value to lab clients in producing these important documents. 

Whether you are a lab person or a recipient of lab reports, this SIG meeting is not to be missed. This will be our last SIG meeting for 2020 so make sure you register and add it to your diary.

Presenter: Sonja McFarlane

Sonja McFarlane is a laboratory quality specialist in ISO 17025. Sonja is the Principal at Simply Quality Pty Ltd, a consulting organisation in Perth and an AOQ member. With previous extensive experience in laboratories and NATA, Sonja has great insights into reporting requirements for labs and their clients.

The session will be facilitated by Maree Stuart, AOQ member and Principal at MAS Management Systems Pty Ltd. Maree also has extensive experience in laboratories, NATA and consulting to labs and science and technology organisations.



Past Events


Quality to Excellence SIG

Quality Management Systems and Excellence Models share a common foundation and are in many ways complementary. Organisations are able to maximise their utility and business benefits when they are used deliberately and in alignment. 

We welcomed Dr Martin Andrew as our first guest to lead the inaugural Quality to Excellence SIG. Martin shared his extensive knowledge about ISO 9001 and the Australian Business Excellence Framework to explore the relationship between the two. Are they two sides of the same coin? Following Martin’s presentation we worked in groups to address key challenge questions and develop insights into this topic that will be the basis of further SIG events.