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Large construction projects - Quality journey to practical completion

Zeljko Rezic talked about quality processes and their adoption and implementation through the life of a construction project from a Contractor’s perspective. The expectations, mitigations and outcomes as experienced and learned on a real-life project. He covered quality as implemented and managed under contracts on large construction projects, and explored the make-up of the main elements in quality driving and supporting the successful outcomes in project performance.

World Quality Day 2019 - Celebrating the quality profession

We celebrated our passion, dedication and fortitude to providing trusted products and services and in the process empowering organisations and Australia to succeed. 

A fantastic opportunity for us to meet and reflect on the year we’ve had and to celebrate our profession and our achievements.

The latest in Augmented Reality for Welding. Bringing Welder Training, Screening and Qualification into the 21st century, updating old methods with new technology.

A great night at the Perth Chapter event on 12th September. Jim Suffield of QMTS shared his thoughts, concerns and optimism regarding training and competence assessing in welding. The new technology (Soldamatic) provided by Weld Australia was fantastic, using Augmented Reality (AR) to create a realistic working environment. Several attendees had a go and were very excited by the process. It allowed anyone at any welder capability level to have a go and practice in a clean safe environment until their competency was at a level where they could go and test their skills using real welding tools and materials. The capability of the user is recorded by the technology in real time, a report is generated and from it the trainee may see where they are required to improve. 

During the presentation I thought just how unthreatening the process was. I could imagine people who may have been concerned about trying to gain a skill like welding because of the safety concerns, feeling their skill was not up to it. I could see them practicing using this technology, giving them the confidence to move into a field where we are struggling to find competent and qualified people to fill these critical roles. 

How to Improve Quality and Minimise Waste in Projects by focusing on fundamental improvements in Procurement and Tendering Practices

Jeff Froster explored and discussed ways to improve quality and minimise waste in projects by focusing on key fundamentals in procurement and tendering practices in the market.  

Procurement deals with the sourcing activities, negotiation and strategic selection of goods and services that are of importance to an organization. Purchasing is the process of how goods and services are ordered. The term 'tender' means an invitation to trade under the terms on offer. 'Contract' refers to any agreement entered into between the buyer and another party. This could also be on behalf of the buyer and another party. This is for the execution of any work for the supply of goods, works or services.