QUALCON® is the annual National Conference of the Australian Organisation for Quality Inc. It assembles speakers of the highest calibre from Australia and throughout the world. Members have the opportunity to learn from the very best about the latest developments in quality practice while sharing and learning from the experience of like minded people.

Qualcon 2020 has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2021 Qualcon is being held conjointly with the 26th Asia-Pacific Quality Organisation Conference. It will be hosted digitally from Australia.

Visit http://www.qualcon.com.au/

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Qualcon® is held on a 1 to 2 year rotation and is hosted by a different State each year.

  • 2018 Qualcon Brisbane 14-16 October
  • 2016 Qualcon Sydney 3-5 July
  • 2014 Qualcon Adelaide
  • 2012 Qualcon Melbourne
  • 2011 Qualcon Adelaide
  • 2010 Qualcon Canberra
  • 2009 Qualcon Tasmania
  • 2008 Qualcon South Australia
  • 2007 Qualcon Victoria
  • 2006 Qualcon New South Wales
  • 2005 Qualcon Queensland
  • 2004 Qualcon South Australia
  • 2003 Qualcon Victoria
  • 2001 Qualcon Queensland
  • 2000 Qualcon New South Wales