Standards Australia

AOQ is a recognised Nominating Organisation to Standards Australia. This provides the opportunity for AOQ to influence the development of Australian and International standards through engagement in the standards development process.

We do this by appointing suitably qualified and experienced Members to Standards Australia Technical Committees for which AOQ has standing. AOQ Technical Committee members represent AOQ and exercise voting rights on behalf of AOQ in their role.

Participation in Standards Australia Technical Committees provides a great professional growth experience, where you can make a lasting contribution in your area of expertise. You’ll be at the coal face of standards development. You will make lasting professional friendships. You will attain a position of professional respect from your peers within AOQ.

AOQ maintains a representation interest in the following Technical Committees.

Quality Management and Corresponding General Aspects for Medical Devices
Active Vacant
Human Resources and Employment.
Knowledge Management
Active Ian Fry
Materials, equipment and offshore structures for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries
Active Vacant
Quality Systems For The Project Industry
Inactive Ken Cameron 
Quality of Service
Inactive Vacant
Active Vacant
Quality Assessments And Audits
Active Alice Mastroserio
Quality Systems
Active Graham Dibdin
Rosemarie Bell
Quality Management Measurement And Test Equipment
Inactive Dr Jackie Graham
Conformity Assessment +
Active   Vacant  
Complaints Handling
Active Vacant  
Organizational Governance
(incorporating QR-014 Compliance Management)
Active Helena.Juppenlatz  

Table current as of 2nd April 2020

* Inactive: Currently no projects being undertaken by the committee


How to Apply to be a Technical Representative

Any AOQ Member may submit an application to be appointed to a Technical Committee.

You can do this at any time for a vacant committee position in the table above, or in response to vacancies that are advertised in the eNewsletter from time to time.

To do this, download the forms below, complete them, and submit them to

Declaration – AOQ Fit_and_proper_person_declaration

Nomination – AOQ-Nomination-Form-SA-technical-Committee-Appointee

Nominee Profile – AOQ-Nominee-Profile

Applications are assessed by the Standards Evaluation Committee (SEC). This is a standing committee of the Board. It comprises the National President (Chair) or nominee, and two other members, drawn from the membership of AOQ, and approved by the Board.

When a vacancy occurs on a Standards Committee, the SEC calls for nominations from current financial members (individual and delegates of corporate members) to join those committees.

The SEC evaluates nominations, giving consideration to:

  • depth of knowledge in the subject area;
  • breadth of experience in the subject area;
  • qualifications;
  • previous experience and performance on Standards Committees, or other committees;
  • ability of the nominee to fulfil the expectations of the role;
  • ability of the nominee to enhance the reputation of AOQ;
  • other criteria such as succession planning, personal development opportunity of the nominee etc.
  • Appointments are subject to annual performance review. Following each Annual General Meeting, the SEC convenes to consider the effectiveness of the appointed Representatives in fulfilling the expectations of the role. They also take into account the need for renewal.

The endorsement of a Representative automatically ceases when:

  • A replacement is endorsed by the Board;
  • The Representative’s endorsement is withdrawn by the Board;
  • The Representative ceases to be a member of AOQ.

Expectations of Technical Committee Representatives

Standards Committee Representatives are appointed to convey the views of AOQ Members into the standards development process, through the prism of their own depth of knowledge and experience that they bring to bear in the role.

They are expected to participate actively in the work of their Committee, as far as possible attending all meetings of the Committee.

Representatives are expected to seek input to matters under consideration through AOQ communications channels and processes, and also seek input to reviews of draft standards by the AOQ membership. It is also essential that any contentious issues are brought to the attention of National Council, and that input from the broader members is sought.

Where a vote is required, the AOQ position and recommendations will be developed by the Representative, after input from the broader members is sought, and provided to the Board for endorsement. The Representative is expected to carry this position to their Committee.

Representatives are expected to participate in every ballot. Standards Australia enforces a rule that 3 missed ballots will result in the nominating organisation (AOQ) being downgraded to Observer status. This would obviously be an embarrassment for AOQ and would immediately result in the endorsement of the Representative being withdrawn by the Board and replacement of that AOQ Representative.

Representatives are expected to provide reports on the status of their Committee work and deliberations, and their meeting attendance record, to AOQ Member publications, and to National Council for incorporation into reports for the Annual General Meeting. After each meeting a report should be provided to the eNewsletter Editor.

The role is voluntary, and self-funded. If you are in the employ of others you will require their support as meetings, although held infrequently, are normally a full day in Sydney.


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