Chapter Leads

Sydney - Dr Matthew Rathinam



Matthew is the AOQ Chapter Lead for Sydney.

Matthew has helped many organisations implement Quality Management Systems and achieve ISO 9001 certification including private, global, and government organisations. He’s gained experience across many industries including engineering, manufacturing, automobile, pharmaceutical and transport. 

Matthew is a national member of the international standard for Quality, a passionate public speaker, has been a lecturer for Quality Management for master’s degree students at the University of Technology Sydney, and has a PhD in Management Innovation. Matthew has published the book “Mastering Quality Management” underpinning the seven principles of quality management.

Matthew joined AOQ in 2019.

Melbourne - Kirsty Harding


Kirsty is the AOQ Chapter Lead for Melbourne.

Kirsty is a passionate sustainability professional who has worked in manufacturing, service and now engineering consultancy industries over the span of 14 years. 

Kirsty took the blind leap into quality management through her experience in resource efficiency and sustainability programs. 

She joined the AOQ family in 2017 and presented a fun 3 min snippet at her first quality conference (Qualcon) in 2018. 

Kirsty says, “When I was asked to be Chapter Lead for Melbourne, I couldn’t say no to an opportunity to work with a diverse and amazing team - a band of unsuspecting superheroes who genuinely care about the service, the product and the outcomes it delivers to society, mankind and the planet. Together we will design and co-create a fun, evolving and dynamic hub for quality professionals ready to take us to infinity and beyond! So, as the thought leader Simon Sinek would say - come join us in this “Infinite game! I assure you there are no winners and losers - only players who continue to better themselves for the cause bigger than ourselves”.

Adelaide - Dr Martin Andrew


Martin has been active in the Australian Organisation for Quality since 2011. Martin is a Fellow and Life Member of AOQ. 

Martin has been actively involved in Quality Management since about 2007. 

Martin is now self-employed with a portfolio of professional activities: quality, EMS and safety consulting and auditing; Sessional Commissioner for the SA Environment, Resources and Development Court; and coaching and mentoring. As well as being a member of the AOQ Board, he recently completed a 2-year term as member of the governing Council of the University of Adelaide. Martin is Chair of the Australia-NZ Impartiality Committee of Bureau Veritas Certification.

Martin was until November 2017 the Australia New Zealand Quality and Delivery Assurance Manager for AECOM, one of world’s largest civil infrastructure design and environmental services companies (NYSE: ACM) where he led a virtual team located around the region. Martin was a member of AECOM’s global quality team that oversaw quality processes and tools, performance and reporting. He was also a member of AECOM’s global Sustainability team. Prior to this he was URS’s APAC Group Quality Director, and global lead subject matter expert for the online quality courses, in particular the annual ‘Culture of Quality’ series. (URS became part of AECOM in 2015). 

Prior to his work in quality, Martin had a diverse career in environmental and agricultural management: research (10 years), academia (8 years) and consulting as a ‘specialist generalist’ undertaking assignments from sustainable grazing systems to performance of green buildings (URS, 14 years).

Perth - Suresh Prabhakaran


Suresh is the Chapter Lead for Perth.

Suresh is a Mechanical Engineer with more than 20 years’ experience in quality assurance, quality control (QA/QC management), inspection and business / performance improvement across projects and assets.

Suresh has established Asset Management and Quality (QA/QC) Management systems including assurance and controls for multi discipline activities across oil and gas mining, utility and other infrastructure industries including optimisation across projects and assets as part of continuous improvement.

Suresh has worked with McDermott, GE, EPC companies like Technip and more recently with operators like Woodside and Shell etc.

Suresh joined AOQ in 2019.

Hunter Region - Melany Bennett


Melany is the AOQ Chapter Lead for the Hunter Region. She has been a Quality Professional within the Hunter Region for over 15 years working in both private and government sectors.

Melany joined the AOQ as a member in 2016. She attended her first Qualcon event in Sydney where she presented on Time Management – Working ‘Smarter’ not ‘Harder’.

Melany really enjoyed the first Chapter event she attended, collaborating and networking with other quality likeminded people. 

Melany says, “When I was nominated to take on the Chapter Lead role for the Hunter Region, I was delighted, it was a win win for me”.

Canberra - Esther McVicar

Brisbane - Vacant