Board Elections


It’s now time for the 2020 Board elections

Ms Debbie Costin, a member of AOQ, is the Returning Officer. She will work closely with Ms Jackie Stone, who is a current Director and President (and not up for re-election). Together they are responsible for conducting the election.

The timeline for the election is:

•    Nominations open 15/09/2020
•    Nominations close 30/09/2020
•    Voting takes place from 10/10/2020 to 31/10/2020
•    The result will be announced at the Annual General Meeting to be held on 10 November 2020.

As a membership organisation, Australian Organisation for Quality Ltd is governed by a Board of Directors.

Election of Directors is an important event in AOQ. Directors are responsible for AOQ’s organisational
governance, and for guiding the AOQ, in partnership with the Chapters and Members, to achieve our Purpose, Vision and Mission:

Our Purpose:      To provide leadership in quality that drives a strong, competitive Australia
Our Vision:          AOQ recognised globally as the intellectual and practical heart of quality in Australia
Our Mission:       Make quality meaningful, compelling and satisfying

Are you interested in making a positive contribution to Quality in Australia, building your Board experience at the same time? Or maybe you have a wealth of governance experience that can be put to great use!

The long-term success of AOQ relies on the election of appropriately qualified and competent people to lead the organisation.

The Constitution allows for a maximum of two elected Directors from each state/territory. The President is elected from the Board of Directors.

The AOQ Board is both a governing Board and a ‘do-ing’ Board. It operates a portfolio model, where you will take responsibility to lead a focus area of AOQ. Directors are expected to not only fulfil a Board governance oversight function (including by acting as minutes Secretary in rotation), but to also provide energy, application and leadership into the organisation, both generally and in a focus area aligned with the strategic intent of AOQ. Your engagement with the Members, primarily in the Chapters, is important and expected.

Our current strategic objectives of AOQ are to:

  1. Connected quality community (nationally) and exceptional member experience
  2. Sustainable organisation through targeted and planned revenue growth and improved member benefits
  3. Quality Expertise - Intellectual heart of quality for all quality professionals in Australia
  4. Strong governance to ensure integrity and continuity.

We have several exciting initiatives in progress, and more opportunities than we can address.

There’s plenty to do, and it’s an exciting time to be involved. As a Director, you will be at the beginning of some really interesting and exciting ‘next steps’ for AOQ.

Typically, four Board meetings are held each year on a weekend, and personal attendance at the meeting location is expected (with travel expenses covered by AOQ). (Note that this year we have been meeting by Zoom in a full-day meeting, and that has worked well, and we expect to continue to hold at least some Board meetings by Zoom into the future). But as a Director, you’ll be expected to do more than just attend Board meetings. Other meetings, of a general or subcommittee nature, may be held from time to time for specific purposes. Attendance at Qualcon is expected. Clearly, to participate effectively, you’ll need sufficient time and flexibility to do the job. If you are in the employ of others you may need to obtain employer support for this.

Directors are not paid for their services. However, reasonable expenses are reimbursed in accordance with AOQ policy.

To nominate for election, you must be a financial personal member of AOQ. You should familiarise yourself with relevant policies such as the Conflict of Interest Policy and the Fit and Proper Person Policy, and ensure your compliance.

The rules and process for elections are explained in the Constitution.  The Procedure for Conduct of Board Elections describes the election process. 

To nominate you must complete the following documents and return by the closing date:

•    AOQ Nomination Form
•    AOQ Nominee Profile
•    AOQ Fit and Proper Person Declaration

For further information regarding the election process contact the Returning Officer ( For further information regarding the role of Directors in AOQ, contact the President (

Please consider this carefully. This can be a great opportunity for you. The long-term success of AOQ relies on the election of appropriately qualified and competent people to lead the organisation.

The outcome of the election will be announced at the Annual General Meeting and in the Annual Report to Members.

The 2020 Annual General Meeting will be held on 10 November 2020. Further details to be announced closer to the date.